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Here is my time line for replacement passport.

I called about a week ago to see if I could get any info on progress and the person wasn’t so helpful and couldn’t really tell me anything other than its at Belfast office (was online application and didn’t have to send any documents)

Then called yesterday to be told my application was “on hold until 2/11/21“
But there was no note on system as to why? And I was asked if I had dates for travel which I do – next Friday, so she took a note. Not sure if this helped speed things up or if its just a coincidence, but worth trying (prepare to be on hold for 60 minutes+)

Anyway, later that day I got txt saying it had been approved and today it has been sent thankfully! This forum is awesome! Thanks for everything!

Passport printed and sent 9:03am on 3 November 2021
Application approved 12:58pm on 2 November 2021
Application being processed 11:33am on 7 October 2021
Identity details received 6:03pm on 5 October 2021
Email sent to person confirming your identity 5:57pm on 5 October 2021
Ask someone to confirm your identity 5:34pm on 5 October 2021
Application submitted 5:34pm on 5 October 2021