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Application submitted: 29th Sep
Application received: 7th Oct
Documents received: 7th Oct

Photo rejected: 27th Oct
New photo submitted 27th Oct

No news since and it’s nearly been 4 weeks since my rejected photo and 9 weeks since the start of my application.

I’ve tried calling the hotline and waited 1 hour, spoke to the manager and was told they couldn’t do much – Only placing a note on my application to help expedite the application as I’m travelling soon. I’ve applied well in advance but am travelling on the New Year.

Does anyone have an idea how long it takes to process a new photo?
Meanwhile, the office keeps sending emails saying “submit your documents” otherwise ignore as well as send in your original passport.

Has anyone had documents rejected?
I’ve just sent an additional bucket load of documents incase they lost them. It’s making me very anxious because I will need to travel and this has very bad knock on effects for every single booking I’ve made.