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I applied for my new passport as old passport was out of date and ended in the skip when moving house, so i done the paper for and check and send at post office, passport office recievied it on 22nd of January, then yesterday the 25th i got a text saying they have it and ishould receive my passport by the 4th of april, PANIC HELP!!! Iput a letter in with application telling them i travel on the 15th of march i phoned passport office yesterday and they said it was with the examiner, everything shoulp be ok on application as i done check and send, do you really think it will take from yesterday being with examiner the 25th of January to the 4th of April?? Its a holiday of a lifetime am going on as dont have good health, it costs over £4000 for the 2 of us, seeminly after its with examiner it goes to get printed, any help appreciated 😊