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Afternoon, I’m just (hopefully) at the end of the process with my TNT info saying passport will arrive tomorrow, just want to share experience in case its of any use.

Adult renewal passport. Dates Below.

Passport printed and sent 7:49am on 12 February 2022
Application approved 1:52pm on 11 February 2022
Documents received 11:12am on 4 February 2022
Application received 2:35pm on 24 January 2022
Application submitted 2:35pm on 24 January 2022

Based on the phone calls/chasing and varying people spoken to (as this was a last minute rush having booked holiday before checking what was left on passport)

The passport was delivered to Corby on 25th Jan via special delivery – they didn’t sign for it. Its taking between 10/11 days for the status to update as received, when it is received it means its allocated to a person and in their queue to work. Seems like current time to approve is around 7 days so that had been the main thing giving me hope it would arrive in time (thanks to many of the forum posts before)

The approval and printing all took place on Friday, and according to a different department (not the progress team but another HMPO dept) it left the Corby office on Friday night (TNT don’t do collections on weekends despite some statuses being given to that effect – and usefully they believe in the last week or so that the HMPO have been issuing dispatch texts/emails early so TNT have been having hundreds of calls this week from passport recipients trying to chase down tracking details when their SLA is usually 2 working days to update tracking details once they have the passports)

The tracking details are updated by a batch process around 4pm so if you have been waiting to get tracking details, using the post code & app number (your 10 digit passport app number) checking after 4pm each day is the most worthwhile time to check as I can now see my tracking details online but have had no text or email confirming that’s the case.

Hope some of the above is at least helpful to someone!