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    I applied for my adult renewal on the 30th May 2022. I was asked to send my old passport to Bootle which I did in the same day. Royal Mail said it was delivered on the 06.06.2022 and Bootle acknowledged it on the 08.06.2022.

    I was told it was sent to Bootle as the waiting time there was much shorter and it goes to the office with the quickest turn around.

    I have now been advised on the telephone that Bootle do not handle the processing of passports that it is just a sorting office. That the passports get sorted there and then get sent to another passport office to deal with.

    My passport application is now in London. It has to be scanned alongside my application and then can start to be processed. So basically it’s waiting for someone to pick it up. Then the examiner will look at it. I was told there is no order it’s hit and miss.

    Processing also only begins when they receive your documents and confirm it. The passport helpline is now saying 10 weeks plus for a passport. Not 10 weeks.

    The information available is not accurate. And it’s adding to what already is a stressful situation.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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