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Latest UK Passport Waiting Times

Latest UK Passport Waiting Times

How long does it take to get a passport?

Latest UK Passport Processing Times

We calculate our averages from data received from recent UK Passport applicants. If you have applied for your passport and want to know how long it takes you can the averages below are updated daily to give you a good idea how long it may take to get your passport.

When you do receive your passport please do submit your waiting time to us so you can be part of our crowd sourced average and receive exclusive travel deals.

Latest UK Passport Waiting Times:

UPDATED:  8th December 2023

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First Adult Passport:
13.86 days

First Adult Passport (With Interview):
22.42 days

Adult Renewal Passport:
9.85 days

First Child Passport:
12.65 days

Child Renewal Passport:
9.61 days

One Week Fast Track Passport:
4.83 days

Lost/Stolen Passport:
14.45 days

First Adult Passport (overseas application):
34.15 days

Adult Renewal Passport (overseas application):
21.12 days

(Calculated from timelines received from recent applicants over the last 30 days)

You can view graphs which display how the average passport wait time has changed over time. To view click here

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