Getting a Fast Track or Online Premium appointment

Do you need your passport urgently?

If you require your passport in a hurry you can apply for either the Online Premium service or 1 week Fast Track service. For both of these services you need to book an appointment online and attend an interview at one of the designated offices.

Who can use this servcice?

  • You can use this service if you need to renew, replace or update, or get a first child passport.
  • You are in the UK

When you cannot use this service

  • If you are outside UK
  • If you are applying for first adult passport.
  • If you have already applied for a passport that you have not received. Instead, you might be able to upgrade your existing application.

Online Premium Service

For this service you will actually receive your new passport at the appointment. You should expect the appointment to last up to 30 minutes. The earliest you can get an appointment is 2 days from when you apply. You can find our more about the Online Premium service on the government website.

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1 week Fast Track Service

You will receive your passport within one week of your interview (our data shows this to be an average of 5.68 days). You need to take a paper application form from a Post Office with you to the appointment.

Getting an appointment in peak times

It can be difficult at times to get a fast track or premium appointment in busy periods. The website often places you in a digital queue and even when you are able to access the page there may be no appointments available or maybe only in parts of the country that are not practical for you.

To help our users we have partnered with a twitter account @ukpassportcheck that checks to see when new appointments are released and you receive an alert via Twitter. You can find out more about this service below.

Welcome to the homepage for the Twitter account @ukpassportcheck


Here you will find information about the account and some frequently asked questions.

WARNING: Before booking anything please make sure you have read through The UK Government Official website on getting an urgent passport.

Follow @ukpassportcheck to get alerts:

About the Account

The ukpassportcheck Twitter bot was setup in May 2022. During then, it was unclear when urgent (Fast Track and Premium) passport appointments were made available on the GOV.UK website. There were conflicting messages circulating on social media. Initially designed to help a family member get an appointment, it was turned into a Twitter bot to help the public stay informed on when appointments were available. Within a few months it had helped thousands of people get their Fast Track and Premium appointments are reached over 20,000 followers on Twitter.

How do I use it?

The bot is free to use. But it requires you to sign-up to Twitter. Once you have signed up, it is best to use the mobile Twitter app as this allows you to get mobile phone notifications for the tweets.

How do I get alerts?

Using the mobile Twitter app, follow the account and click the bell ( ) button at the top of the page. This will activate phone notifications for when the account sends a tweet. Make sure your phone is not on silent/do not disturb. The types of messages you will get alerts for are:

• When appointments have become available (service is “online”)
• When appointments are no longer available (service is “offline”)
• What appointments are available
• Occasional information tweets about the service and account

How does it work?

The code is open-source and available on GitHub and uses GitHub Actions to automate the process. This checks the Premium and Fast Track booking websites every minute. If the websites stops displaying a No Appointments Available message (“offline”) then bot will post a tweet to say the service is “online”, including the link to the booking system. Once it sees that No Appointments Available message again it will post that the service is “offline”.

The bot also looks at the appointments available and posts a tweet. The bot keeps checking, and if more appointments are added it will post again to Twitter.

How much does it cost?

Nothing. It is free. If you would like to say thank you, donations to this charity page would be greatly appreciated. The account has raised over £4,000 so far for The Grand Appeal and Bristol Children’s Hospital.

Frequently Asked Questions

I need more than one appointment; can I book more than one at the same time?

You can book more than one online in the same session, but you need to book two separate slots, one for each person you are applying for.

Can I change the date of my Fast Track appointment?

Yes, as long as you’re not within 48 hours of the appointment. You can change the appointment date by clicking the link in your confirmation email when the Fast Track service is next online. Then you will be able to select a different date and/or location.

Can I use the Premium service for a first time Adult or Child renewal passport?

No. You can use the Fast Track Service though.

My old passport was a Childs one, now I am an Adult and need a renewal. Can I use Premium for this?

Yes. You can if you’re now 16 or older.

Does the Premium service reserve my appointment selection?

Yes, it appears as though when you click an appointment time and date this is reserved for you once you confirm your selection. You then have X minutes to complete your application (photo upload, application details and pay). The slot will be made open to booking for someone else if you do not finish in time. Therefore, please have your photo and payment details ready at hand.