Passport Photo Frequently Asked Questions

The best way to get your passport photo

A passport photo can be one of the most common factors for a passport to be delayed. There are a number of ways to take your passport photo including using your own phone, a professional photographer or a photo booth. The most proven way to ensure you don’t get any unexpected delays is to use a Photo Me photo booth. There are 3000 booths throughout the UK and they are linked to Her Majesty’s Passport Office meaning your photos are into the system from the minute you have your photo taken.

We answer some common questions about using a Photo Me photo booth.

How do I apply for a UK passport online using my photo?

When selecting the digital UK passport option the booth provides with a printout of four photos with a unique code along the top. Your digital  photo is accessible on the online passport application website

Simply enter you’re the unique code when prompted by the online application form and your digital image will appear on screen ready for you to submit.

How do I enter my code on the application form?

Your code is case sensitive and will consist of three boxes (first box in lower case) idpass (second box in lower case) uk (third box) a unique 8 digit code comprised of upper and lower case characters.

For example – idpass  uk  AsTLN2cM

Is there a time limit between taking the photo and applying for my passport online?

Yes, the UK passport office requires an up to date photo taken within one month of applying for a passport. Your unique code is only valid for 30 days. After this time your digital photos will be automatically deleted and the code will be invalid.

Are there any guidelines for how I take my photo in the booth?

Yes, the booth will provide instructions on screen for taking the photo including the passports offices photo regulations.

You can find these regulations on the website

Can I also use my code for another nationalities passport form?

No, your unique code can only be used for a UK passport application on the website. If you require an Irish passport code, you will need to select the Irish passport option on screen in the booth.

Can I retake my photo if I am unhappy with it?

Yes, the booth offers three attempts to take your photo. After your photo is take your image will be shown on screen. If you are unhappy with your first photo you can retake another and select which of your preferred image you would like to print.

Can I use my printed photos to apply for a UK passport through the post?

Yes, the booth will provide you with a printout of 4 identical photos. These photos can be used for other ID purposes as well as a UK passport using the paper application form.

How do I find my closest Photo-me booth?

You can locate your closest passport photo booth using our online site locator:

Click here to find your nearest photo booth

How much are UK passport photos and can I pay using card?

Digital UK passport photos are £10.00 with all our machines offering contactless payment for card, and mobile device payments.

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