November 5, 2020
November 5, 2020

As we enter a 2nd lockdown from 5th November we have launched a new crowd sourcing site for Coronavirus test results turnaround time. If someone in your household requires a test you need to self isolate until  the results are received. Hopefully our crowd sourced figure will give people a better idea of how long you will expect to wait.

We collect the data in the same way as we do for passport waiting times and use the same calculation to provide an average. The only difference being is the Covid-19 test results waiting time figure is displayed in hours and only uses the last 7 days worth of data.

If you have had a test recently we really need your data to know how long it took to get your results. The more data we receive will allow us to provide a really accurate real time average. The easiest place to submit your Covid test result waiting time is via the form on the website.

This is only for UK Gov testing and does not apply to private tests.

To view the Covid Test Results Waiting Time website click here