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Stephen S

@JaMoUsE ; Also been waiting since March 17. Been having exchanges on Twitter with HMPO, latest response is am being told being told if I want ‘special’ consideration I will have to provide evidence for my urgent requirement. (New Passport needed to renew my Malaysian Employment Pass expiring next week). I have asked why IS IT some people are KEPT waiting months and others get dealt with straight away ? – but no response.

It is shambles. Everyone accepts there must be delays that is a given but why the inconsistencies in processing times? Mine is a simple Adult renewal -applied on line from Austria on March 17. Stuck in processing since May 1. Liverpool Office.

About to lose my job but hey-ho so are Millions of other poor souls. This issue has not been dealt with very well. If everyone is dealt with in the sequence with when they applied, I think everyone would accept this?