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Applied online
for an adult renewal on sat 6th June
Application acknowledged immediately
Posted passport to DURHAM mon 8th june
Was signed for 9am on tues 9th Jun
Sent recorded delivery not
the £6 express delivery.
The passport office have
not acknowledged receipt yet
I’m not concerned as i got plenty of time till
Holiday booked in September
just wondered if I needed to keep checking online
or when reciept gets acknowledged will they update me by
text e-mail etc.
Also do they update me every time it moves to the next stage or do I have to look.
Got to say some of the turnaround times here are a lot
quicker than I expected in these awful times
It does seem like straightforward renewals get through
quicker than the more complicated ones.
This is a great site and I started out this morning
wondering if my holiday would happen but now I’m fairly sure barring a picture rejection ( which seems rare )
or some other hiccup it shouldn’t be the passport that
throws a spanner in the works fingers crossed.
Will update progress once passport receipts acknowledged by Durham office

Thanks for all the info everyone keep safe roger