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Just wanted to ask what colour passports have been received from Glasgow recently? Burgundy or Blue?

Was really worried about long wait times but I filled out my application online on 16th June and sent my old passport by special delivery so it was received on 17th although the passport office didn’t inform me it was received until yesterday. They rejected my initial picture due to shadows behind me so I uploaded a new one yesterday and they’ve already got back to me early this morning to say the new photo is approved and the passport has been sent for printing.

Judging by the timescales with the other posts, hopefully this should be printed and sent out later on today or Monday as I assume they don’t work weekends.

Really impressed with how fast it seems to be moving forwards all things considered. I’ve seen stories online of people waiting 10 or 11 weeks but I guess this was due to lockdown and things are slowly getting back to a bit of normality now.