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When did you send your passport stuff away?

I done mine 29th May 2020 for my son’s renewal.

Been sitting at processing since 5th June 2020 – phoned them Friday told it should be an easy renewal as passport digital picture was fine, both parents have passports so he doesn’t understand why when I told him I have seen people send it after my date have their passports – said could be printed any day to give it to this Friday coming and phone back.

Explained to them we have summer holiday end July and he said you shouldn’t have booked anything told them it has been booked and paid for since February!!!

Mother-in-law works at Northgate DWP said most of passport office staff have been drafted over to process Universal Credit claims and not expected back into their normal Passport roles before 1st July.

Need to check in a week tomorrow online for our flights also!

Understand covid-19 is a serious situation and people will be perceived as being selfish but when you have spent £4,200 on a family holiday before this all kicked off for it to have came through the infections, quarantines, lockdowns etc it really is a frustrating situation!