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My passport has just arrived through the letterbox. Progress details below, took exactly 3 months from start to finish. I chased it on 15th June and requested a call back from the progress team which I didn’t receive, but the day after the application was approved.

I didn’t get any tracking details, passport office said couriers are collecting twice per week. I didn’t see which company delivered it but it’s either TNT or DX. Haven’t received old passport yet, but assuming that will come via Royal Mail.

Application history

Passport printed and sent 10:48am on 18 June 2020
Application approved 7:04pm on 16 June 2020
New photo received 6:58pm on 03 June 2020
Photo rejected 6:00pm on 03 June 2020
Application being processed 2:28pm on 11 May 2020
Documents received 6:41pm on 28 April 2020
Application received 7:56pm on 23 April 2020
Application submitted 7:56pm on 23 April 2020