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here you go:

I hope you are well.

You may be aware that there are some delays at HM passport office and I wonder if you can help me in relation to this. I sent off applications back in May for both my daughters’ passports to be renewed, and it appears they are both stuck in the process since then. As a family we are due to fly away to Spain in just over a week for a holiday, including to visit my unwell father-in-law – it is not an emergency or compassionate reason for travel so I have not claimed this – it is however a trip we have already spent thousands of pounds on, which we would lose if we can’t go. There seems to be no logic to the application process, with some that were submitted after us going through very quickly (and some who appear to have been waiting longer) and I’m concerned ours has just got lost. Given our urgent predicament, I am asking if you could please use your standing to contact HM passport office and enquire on my behalf because they will not commit to anything over the phone when I call them. I understand from speaking to someone that their application moved forward quickly after help from their local MP.

I realise you will have a lot on your plate but hope you can quickly assist with this for me. My reference numbers are:

Thank you very much in advance

Best wishes