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Here is our time line. Child’s renewal, applied online, I paid around £7 at the post office for tracked next day delivery for the old passport.

I won’t stop panicking until the passport is in my hand although things are looking positive at the moment.

We followed government guidance, didn’t apply as we thought the holiday would be cancelled.
I have email proof of holiday and sent a direct message through twitter with our travel date- 01.08.20.

I do believe HMPO is working hard to get everyone’s application completed. I really think the government should have considered all of this when announcing the air bridges!! 2 stages of my application were completed after 6pm so they are definitely working hard which I am grateful for. I haven’t slept and have been in a complete state since air bridges were announced!!

Application history

Application approved 6:12pm on 10 July 2020
Application being processed 11:01am on 10 July 2020
Documents received 6:19pm on 8 July 2020
Application received 10:37am on 6 July 2020
Identity details received 10:36am on 6 July 2020
Email sent to person confirming your identity 10:18am on 6 July 2020
Ask someone to confirm your identity 10:05am on 6 July 2020
Application submitted 10:05am on 6 July 2020