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Grantham Traveller

That’s a very interesting post kingClackers. Thank you. So, from reading the link I see that once the passport has been approved and electronically sent for printing it effectively passes out of the hands of HMPO and is transferred to the third-party French printing contractor in Durham and then on to the courier. This ought to mean that anyone whose application reached the approval stage by Friday (31 March) ought to be safe, even if their application went to a an office where staff are striking from Monday.

I note also that a period of time lasting c. 36-40 hours (usually closer to 39 hours) generally elapses between approval and printing, and that the latter can occur at any time of day or night, seven days a week. My wife’s passport was printed just before 0100 this morning. Since it’s a weekend we won’t expect it before Monday or Tuesday. However, we gave our landline number because we receive no mobile signal in the house so I am not sure if we’ll get a tracking number.

It will be interesting to see what happens to other applicants from Monday onwards. Either the process leading to approval at striking offices will slow down drastically or the contingency plans will kick in and nothing will change.