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Grantham Traveller

Although some people are still reporting to this site a very quick turnaround on applications it’s quite noticeable that these are largely applications sent to the (apparently) non-striking HMPOs at Bootle, Corby, and Hemel Hempstead (though I spotted one that went to London). It’s impossible to know whether this is representative of the wider picture since the sample is self-selecting. It may be that applications sent to other HMPOs which hadn’t been processed by the end of last week before the strike started are indeed sitting in a pile gathering dust now.

My wife’s took thirteen days (Hemel Hempstead), arriving here on 4 April, but another family member had theirs back today (6 April). That took only seven days from applying to receiving the passport (Bootle), which is remarkable.

The Home Office is sticking to the 10-week waiting time for the obvious reason that it will probably be easily able to meet that, even with the striking HMPOs, while I’ll bet they are silently processing applications as fast as possible where they can. It’s a pity it’s all so opaque – it would be interesting to know if some applications are still being sent to the striking offices, or whether as many as possible are now being directed to the non-striking ones. The story seems to have disappeared from the news.

I can only imagine how frustrating this is for Saracen and others in the same position.