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Grantham Traveller

If you look at Latest Passport Waiting Times on this site it’s still overwhelmingly the case today (but not 100% exclusively) that those currently reporting receipt of passports had originally sent their applications to Bootle, Corby, or Hemel Hempstead in the last 2-3 weeks.

It would be most instructive to know whether these three HMPOs are responsible for most of the applications being processed at present, or whether there are loads of other applications which have been sent to the striking offices and which are now in limbo or being processed far more slowly and we’re just not hearing about them.

However, the story seems to be dead in the news which suggests there aren’t many people (yet?) being stuck without passports due to the strikes.

I’ll guess DragonNinja that your passport will be printed within 39-40 hours of approval (that seems to be the norm, regardless of day or night, so I predict by c. 0200 on Monday morning) and you might get it by Wednesday next week.