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I am really concerned. I originally applied for my first adult passport months ago, but due to confusion on my part it was eventually withdrawn. I called yesterday and they told me to I had to resubmit my application, but to just send my full birth certificate with a cover letter explaining that they have the rest of the documents. When I originally submitted my application it took over three weeks for them to even acknowledge they received these documents. I am supposed to be giving my exchange host university in Hong Kong my passport details by the 15th of May, and I feel like I’m never going to be able to hit this deadline if it’s as slow as last time, with these strikes on top of that. They ask me to send the documents to an office in London, and from what I’ve read here this is going to be one that will be very slow to process anything. As it’s a first adult passport I can’t speed up the application. I have no idea what to do.