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We live overseas in Oman, submitted online 2 kids passports for renewal on 9 March. They were received at passport office on 19 March and processed on 20th according to online tracking.

We have 2 issues, we are due to be relocating to Malaysia in August and passports required urgently to process immigration and visas paperwork – also the FCO is not processing papers so another delay.
Also, it’s likely we will have to be repatriated out of Oman in next few weeks. My husband is a teacher and online teaching has been cancelled here so current employer trying to assist with moving us on.
So obviously we can’t fly anywhere with no kids passports.
Annoyingly, husband sent his passport for renewal about 2 weeks before kids and got his within a week!
I don’t want to use emergency passport and find kids passports being sent to Oman when we have left!