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Grantham Traveller

justinj’s experience seems almost surreal compared to other people’s in its unnerving speed. What I’d be interested to know is which passport office his application went to.

Mine is at Peterborough and it’s a completely straightforward renewal. Nevertheless, it’s taken 13 days until today (12 May) for the ‘application being processed’ (a rather non-committal and cryptic phrase that gives no indication of how long the next stage will take) notification to appear. Oddly, I have not yet received an email to tell me that. I simply went to the tracking page and saw it there this evening.

If justinj’s application went through Peterborough then this would suggest the whole process is rather haphazard. If on the other hand it’s a different passport office that would indicate different staffing levels and other factors affecting their ability to deal with applications.