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Grantham Traveller

shazzalats is clearly having a frustrating experience. The comments she received on the passport office adviceline sound suspiciously like what I had on one call a few weeks ago, indeed almost verbatim, so I wonder it it was the same person. I’ve also spoken to two other people, twice, who took a rather different line and explained that standard renewals are being dealt with, but slowly. I also read this in The Independent newspaper on 22 April:

‘A Home Office spokesperson said: “Her Majesty’s Passport Office is continuing to process standard passport applications, but they are taking longer than usual as a result of changed working practices designed to keep both staff and customers safe.”’

The upshot is that the position is not clear but will surely improve as most staff return to work. It’s worth bearing in mind that the people who answer the adviceline are not currently, or at least haven’t been, in the office. These individuals are working from home during the crisis.