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Hi all, I applied for my standard adult renewal and the kids first passports on March 18th from within the U.K. Below is the timeline…

18/3 – application submitted

21/3 – I.D confirmed

25/3 – Doc’s and application received

27/3 – application being processed

Since then nothing, still the same. I called HMPO and was told they couldn’t tell
Me anything other than I needed to be patient. My passport and one of the child’s ones has gone to Peterborough and the other 2 are with Durham.

We have a trip booked to visit my in-laws in Turkey for June, and although I know it’s highly likely it will be cancelled should anything change and the trip go ahead I’m worried we won’t be able to go. Jet2 said the only thing I would be able to do in that circumstance is to pay the amendment fee and change the dates as I’d not be entitled to any money back as the HMPO delay is apparently not due to the covid-19 FCO ban.

I have since been sent an email and a text from HMPO asking me not to contact them again to enquire about the delay.