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I am UK based British applicant and I applied for an adult renewal on the 28th of March following getting married at the end of February and needing to get a new passport in my new married name.

Documents were confirmed as received on the 6th of April

I am still awaiting an update and the status is still ‘Your application is being processed’.

I am waiting to start a new job but cannot until I receive the passport as I need a photo ID. I also cannot apply for an alternative photo ID (such as driving licence) as the passport office still have my marriage certificate.

Only comms I have received is the texts and emails asking me not to contact the passport office so I am just stuck, unable to start my new job on complete clearance.

I appreciate the current situation is unprecedented and I know everyone is doing all they can – but I would really appreciate any suggestions on how I can find a way forward.

Many thanks