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Shazzalats I’m in a similar situation. I submitted renewal applications for my daughter and I from Dubai. It was to Liverpool also.
It was being “processed” one working day after yours on 23rd March. I submitted before the lockdown

Rob who also submitted to Liverpool from Germany a couple of days before us received his. So I am hoping that we will receive some good news soon.

I don’t know what the lockdown rules are in Germany but you must be celebrating!!

I’m really hoping if the wait goes into June the lockdown rules have been relaxed more and things start to get processed faster.

I have to express my disappointment NOT at the waiting, because we are in an unprecedented situation. However they (passport office) have to taken no accountability for the approximate waiting times and how things are progressing.
If they sent a periodic reminder such as: “your application is X out of XXX anticipated waiting time XXX.” That would be really helpful.

I need my passport mainly to present to the banks for ID purpose, due to the current financial situation but I am not able to do so. All is on hold until they see original ID. A copy of old passport in not sufficient.