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This is incredible. You should get on the phone to them ASAP. The more people inform them the better. I’m clinging on to the fact I have confirmation of delivery as some sort of guarantee that they will fix this for me as it is clearly, 100% their fault. I was told however, that ‘I have to make a decision’ and either wait and hope the passport turns up or start a ‘lost in transit’ case and apply for a new passport. The cynic in me feels that by opening a lost in transit case, I am then at the mercy of Passport gods to get my new application processed in time and that, as I wasn’t willing to wait on the passport office locating my passport, that it would then be my fault if I lose out on my holiday if my new application wasn’t processed in time. I feel like I’m being pushed into a corner here with very little help from the people who are at fault. I will phone again on Monday and see if the examiner has looked at my case before making a decision.

Pelase keep us informed with your case and all the best.