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I’m starting to get really down with neg. health effects from not having passport.

8th April: Application submitted
15th April: Documents received
22 April: Application being processed

^ It was sent to Durham office but I’m in Scotland. I’m an adult with autism and have no parents and not much support. My need for passport is that I have no valid ID right now. I can’t do banking or organise accommodation for myself so I’m staying on a friend’s sofa just now but I feel like I’ve been doing that for too long and it’s straining things. It’s causing me unbearable stress .. pre-covid-19 I had a crisis team and help but there is none of that now… mental health services aren’t functioning or giving me the time of day. I will feel much better once I have my passport and ID.. will make me feel human again. My aunt in Australia passed away 3 days ago, can’t travel for that either. Not meant to be a rant, just a desperate soul here. Can’t stop ruminating

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