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Very odd processing time from the Durham office as of this morning (but very impressed!). This is for an adult renewal:

Application Approved: 10:49 28 May 2020
Documents Received: 10:49 28 May 2020
Application Received: 15:59 21 May 2020
Application Submitted: 15:59 21 May 2020

The note above it says that the passport is about to be printed. This definitely isn’t a usual timeline based on what I’ve seen on this forum. I have noticed that there was no “processing” step here, and I’m not convinced some overworked civil servant hasn’t pressed a wrong button.

Interesting because I submitted another application to Durham on 18 May and am now on the “application being processed” step (another adult renewal).

For now, I’m going to assume that they’ve just turned it around really quickly!