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Grantham Traveller

Thanks hottoast but, yes, I put a space into my postcode along with my Passport Application Number. All I get on the TNT site is an error message, saying ‘Error. We could not find what you were looking for’.

I even emailed TNT and they said they had no record of anything at my postcode or under my PAN number. Which TNT link did you use for tracking? Did you just enter your postcode and the Passport Application Number?

I don’t know whether to panic or not; this has been stressful enough already. I thought it was all over, but instead I’m now freaking out. I also contacted the Passport Office to ask about tracking. I was asked to send a Twitter direct message which I did, but have had no reply. I tried telephoning but it diverted to their callback service, and no one has called back either.