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So looks like they have sent my application to a different office. I sent it Peterborough, but now looks like it’s gone to Liverpool?

Reply on Twitter from HMPO
Hi, some people are getting their passports back much quicker as they are going through the automated system that a few people will qualify for. By qualify I mean for example, if an adult is renewing their British passport, there are no changes and they haven’t significantly changed since their last British passport photograph then there is no need for human intervention to view supporting documentation or raise queries and they are all processed automatically. As this is a child’s application one of my colleagues will be required to view and verify the supporting documentation. However I can appreciate it is frustrating to see tweets like that when you are waiting for yours.

If you require the supporting documents back early please email along with, the application reference, the applicant’s full name, date of birth, full address and a brief explanation. Emily