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We received our son’s passport today (the supporting documents should be arriving tomorrow). Here is our timeline. Application type: first child passport (both parents are British Citizen passport holders). Documents sent to Peterborough.

Passport received 9:30am on 9 June 2020
Passport printed and sent 1:42pm on 5 June 2020
Application approved 7:52pm on 4 June 2020
Application being processed 2:10pm on 18 May 2020
Documents received 7:33pm on 5 May 2020
Documents posted 10:30am on 4 May 2020
Application received 1:34pm on 2 May 2020
Identity details received 1:33pm on 2 May 2020
Email sent to person confirming your identity 11:52am on 2 May 2020
Ask someone to confirm your identity 11:35am on 2 May 2020
Application submitted 11:35am on 2 May 2020