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Here is my timeline. I just told them via DM on twitter that we had a holiday booked for mid July. They took 25l4 hours to reply to my DM. dont msg them again otherwise your message goes to the bottom of the queue again! They will respond. I was very polite in my DM, but my anxiety had been through the roof worrying about it, especially after seeing people were getting passports back when they had applied after I had.

Passport printed and sent1:51pm on 23 June 2020Application approved9:17am on 23 June 2020Application being processed12:45pm on 1 June 2020Documents received12:19pm on 27 May 2020Application received7:08pm on 16 May 2020Identity details received7:08pm on 16 May 2020Email sent to person confirming your identity3:21pm on 16 May 2020Ask someone to confirm your identity12:37pm on 15 May 2020Application submitted12:37pm on 15 May 2020