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So finally we got to speak to a passport officer.

We need to send a letter confirming that my partner and myself are still together. The hold up has been since my partner applied back in 2015 she has been allocated as the responsible parent. She has had to sign a letter and send his birth certificate to back up the application.

Asked if I could hand deliver it and lassie said you could try. So went down to the Glasgow office and it’s closed but could see staff so chapped the door asked to hand it in, told nope go put a stamp on letter, post it in the post box 25 yards from the entrance and they will get it in the next 7 working days And then match it up. Dunno if that will send me back to the back of the queue woman doesn’t seem to think so but it’s know a case of wait and see but Glasgow are working to date order she did confirm and they are due to get 50 more staff back next week from the DWP side of things!