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This is us so far, standard child renewal for my little girl, we are hoping to fly on the 13th of July, dont know what to think of it all to be honest, ive phoned and am due a call back from progress team, ive tweeted and been told our date of travel has been added does this make a slight bit of difference does anyone know?

Written to my MP today… for me its just the pure inconsistency thats frustrating and no logical order to how they are being processed proper stressing me and the wife out.

Application being processed9:23am on 12 June 2020

Documents received8:14am on 11 June 2020

Application received9:41am on 3 June 2020

Identity details received9:41am on 3 June 2020

Email sent to person confirming your identity9:34am on 3 June 2020

Ask someone to confirm your identity8:08am on 3 June 2020

Application submitted8:08am on 3 June 2020