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    I sent a paper renewal via special delivery though the post office check and send service on 21st May and received a text on the 1st June to say it had been received. Didn’t hear anything then until I had a further text to say it had been processed and I would receive my new passport in a few days. It was delivered 3 days later last Friday.


    Thanks for the reply shell, just been on the phone to passport office and they still don’t have it on the system, but gives me hope reading your post hopefully i will receive a text in the next day or 2!


    @kbaxter I said the situation was getting desperate as we were only 2 weeks away from our holiday and could he please please help me. My husband had to go as we aare part of a bigger group relying on us for transport etc. 3 weeks without the rest of my family would have been awful. August is quite a way away and i would maybe contact hmpo on twitter first and wait a couple of weeks and if still nothing, then go MP. I do feel like they are catching up, but it is such a worrying time, and leaves you in total limbo!

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    Hello everyone! 👋

    This forum has been an amazing asset for me during the application process, so I wanted to share my dates for an online, adult renewal, sent via Durham, to try and share some hope for others…

    Application History

    Passport received and delivered by TNT 1:02pm on 29 June 2020
    Passport printed and sent 10:09pm on 24 June 2020
    Application approved 7:16pm on 24 June 2020
    Application being processed 10:19am on 18 June 2020
    Documents received 7:54am on 17 June 2020
    Application received 7:54am on 13 June 2020
    Application submitted 7:53am on 13 June 2020

    I wish everyone of you, all the luck with the application process. 🙏


    Soo no one has been approved today?
    They are really taking the piss


    I was approved on Saturday morning but no sign as to when it will be printed and sent. I called today to see if it takes just as long as the processing stage and just got the same old ‘can’t give a timeframe’ statement.
    With all other businesses going back to work you’d think they’d be getting more staff in but clearly not.

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    First Child application made on 17th of March, Application being processed since 22nd of April, had to cancel trip. and no-one cares when you ring, was offered call back service from actual passport office – not staff who answer the phone from home, and that didn’t happen still, on top of that, friend who applied for first child passport 2,5 weeks after me, had her approved last week and has been printed and posted, great service.


    Hi @kamil. I applied for my daughters first passport on 14th march, it was finally approved today. So hopefully you won’t have to wait much longer. I agree the customer service has been appalling. They can only see what online applicants can see themselves. Best thing is to say you want to speak to complaints. The guy told me on Friday it would be done by Tuesday and it was today. He also could see the actual application and photo etc. Think he was in the Liverpool office


    Passport sent:16th June
    Application approved :15th june
    Application being processed: 12th june
    Documents received: 8th June (sent from post office on the 5th June)
    Application recieved 26th May

    Peterborough office


    Application submitted 16th June started processing 18th June rang office on 27th may was told it was sent to the examiner on 25th may was wondering how long after going to the examiner did people get their passports approved. Thank you


    Sorry mixed dates up was submitted 16th and started processing 18th in may then told with examiner 25th June

    anxiously waiting

    @Jamouse Relieved to see this. Been waiting since March 19th for son’s first passport from Liverpool office. Fingers crossed this means Liverpool is finally clearing the backlog.


    This is us so far, standard child renewal for my little girl, we are hoping to fly on the 13th of July, dont know what to think of it all to be honest, ive phoned and am due a call back from progress team, ive tweeted and been told our date of travel has been added does this make a slight bit of difference does anyone know?

    Written to my MP today… for me its just the pure inconsistency thats frustrating and no logical order to how they are being processed proper stressing me and the wife out.

    Application being processed9:23am on 12 June 2020

    Documents received8:14am on 11 June 2020

    Application received9:41am on 3 June 2020

    Identity details received9:41am on 3 June 2020

    Email sent to person confirming your identity9:34am on 3 June 2020

    Ask someone to confirm your identity8:08am on 3 June 2020

    Application submitted8:08am on 3 June 2020


    @wittcomb with all due respect they only got your application on the 12th June. Others have been waiting around 100 days.

    Hopefully you get it in time to go away but you have left it very late.


    @anxiouslywaiting Have you spoken to complaints? You should give them a ring if you have been waiting since March.

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Viewing 15 posts - 406 through 420 (of 690 total)
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