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Hi @AndyH and @JLW43

Durham have about a 6 day processing time from when they receive your documents to when they are processed and added to your account. This is my progress so far with my application.

First Child Passport Application :

(Contacted my local MP the morning of the 1 July 2020 – They got back to me within 30 minutes letting me know they have emailed the passport office.)

Application approved
12:38pm on 1 July 2020
Application being processed
12:53pm on 25 June 2020
Documents received
9:02am on 25 June 2020
(19 June 2020 Royal Mail confirmed documents were signed for)
Application received
11:13am on 18 June 2020
Identity details received
11:13am on 18 June 2020
Email sent to person confirming your identity
10:54am on 18 June 2020
Ask someone to confirm your identity
10:47am on 18 June 2020
Application submitted
10:47am on 18 June 2020