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I’ve been reading this forum for a while now and thought I’d share my experience with an overseas application as most of these posts are UK based. I live in Australia and needed a standard Adult Renewal for an Australian Visa application. I found the call centre really unhelpful and I’m still baffled as to how they are prioritising applications. Much to my relief, after 2 months of stressful waiting, my application was finally Approved yesterday (I did message them on Twitter which may or may not have helped them finally process it). Now I just have to hope it reaches Aus safely and doesn’t take forever in the post! Fingers crossed for the Burgundy colour too.

At least it looks like they are working weekends to try and clear the backlog.

Application history

Application approved 10:45am on 4 July 2020
Application being processed 1:20pm on 7 May 2020
Identity details received 4:24pm on 3 May 2020
Email sent to person confirming your identity 9:29am on 2 May 2020
Ask someone to confirm your identity 4:57am on 2 May 2020
Application submitted 4:57am on 2 May 2020