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At an impasse with someone at the Peterborough office for my daughter’s first passport application.

I was born in NZ, British parents, first moved to the UK in 1986, have had British passports since I can remember. Husband was born in France. I didn’t change my surname when I got married. My surname is the same on my passport as on my daughter’s birth certificate. It is also the same as my parents’ surname.

Someone in Peterborough has decided that my passport, my birth certificate, my parents’ passport details, and our son’s passport details (yes, they issued a passport to our son), are not proof enough that my daughter is British so her application is on hold.

To make matters worse, I’ve spoken with 4 different people at the passport office over the phone, and all 4 have said that my passport alone is sufficient proof, but no one will intervene and take her application from the examiner that it’s sitting with.

Seeing as husband is French and I’m at this impasse with HMPO, decided I’d register daughter under settled status scheme. The Home Office have refused to do so because (drum roll please)…. They said she is British.