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    ….still waiting


    Applied for child first passport from Germany, it went to the Liverpool office

    Still waiting.

    Application being processed 8:00pm on 15 June 2020
    Documents received 2:44pm on 15 June 2020 (they were tracked delivery and actually arrived 1st June)
    Application received 12:44pm on 29 May 2020
    Identity details received 12:43pm on 29 May 2020
    Email sent to person confirming your identity 10:47am on 29 May 2020
    Ask someone to confirm your identity 2:40pm on 28 May 2020
    Application submitted 2:40pm on 28 May 2020

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    Durham received my application on June 04. I sent an online track message and was told that it is now being looked at. Has anyone experienced this message and if so does it mean it will be processed soon? Getting worried now as flying on the 1st aug. This is the first time I have taken my children away. We all have a passport now but bar one. it keeps we awake at night.


    My child’s first passport has been approved today (Peterboruogh) after submitting on 31st May. I will post a full timeline when we receive it.


    With submission on the 12th of June, we received approval today !
    Now waiting for the print and post!


    It’s in the post!! Yay!


    So my sons renewal arrived this morning!! Woohoo!!

    Paper application sent 29th May
    Text to say it’s been received 01st June
    Emailed 26th June – waiting to be checked
    Sent a Tweet 3rd July to chase
    Email received 6th July to say it’s sent for printing
    Text received 7th July to Say it’s being sent
    Received black passport this morning at 7:45


    Can anyone share their experience l,except the new passport, how long did it take you to get supporting documents?


    At an impasse with someone at the Peterborough office for my daughter’s first passport application.

    I was born in NZ, British parents, first moved to the UK in 1986, have had British passports since I can remember. Husband was born in France. I didn’t change my surname when I got married. My surname is the same on my passport as on my daughter’s birth certificate. It is also the same as my parents’ surname.

    Someone in Peterborough has decided that my passport, my birth certificate, my parents’ passport details, and our son’s passport details (yes, they issued a passport to our son), are not proof enough that my daughter is British so her application is on hold.

    To make matters worse, I’ve spoken with 4 different people at the passport office over the phone, and all 4 have said that my passport alone is sufficient proof, but no one will intervene and take her application from the examiner that it’s sitting with.

    Seeing as husband is French and I’m at this impasse with HMPO, decided I’d register daughter under settled status scheme. The Home Office have refused to do so because (drum roll please)…. They said she is British.


    Ours sons passport has finally been approved, yesterday.


    We got our passport yesterday! Wihoooo!!!


    Passport printed and sent 9:12pm on 17 July 2020
    Application approved 4:29pm on 16 July 2020
    Application being processed 10:16am on 8 July 2020
    Documents received 5:18pm on 2 July 2020
    Application received 4:24pm on 20 June 2020
    Identity details received 4:23pm on 20 June 2020
    Email sent to person confirming your identity 3:32pm on 20 June 2020
    Ask someone to confirm your identity 3:26pm on 20 June 2020
    Application submitted 3:26pm on 20 June 2020


    @carriehall – any update on your app, I’m in a similar boat…


    Nope, still just waiting. I contacted my MP from before I moved abroad and they’ve sent a note on my behalf but I’ve heard nothing from HM Passport Office


    Have you contacted HMPO via Twitter/phone/complaints at all?

Viewing 15 posts - 16 through 30 (of 67 total)
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