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Submitting our timeline as I was frantically reading these two weeks ago when it suddenly looked like our holiday was going ahead after all and we realised one of the passports had expired. (Travel insurance won’t cover if there are no restrictions.)

Child renewal
Submitted online 2/7/20 18:08
ID confirmed 2/7/20 18:42
Old passport sent overnight delivery 3/7/20, received Durham 6/7/20 (Royal Mail signed)
Old passport received according to HMPO 8/7/20 13:08
Application and photo approved 9/7/20 19:48
Passport printed and dispatched 13/7/20
Passport posted through letterbox 15/7/20

Very quick turnaround. We did not chase and there was no urgent option for travel before September option at the time we submitted, so we just put in a normal application. Every text along the way warned of longer than usual processing times, but we did not experience them. I hope everyone else is as lucky!