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Great experience for a first child passport via the Peterborough office. Go away in a week, so just in time.

Best thing that helped was going through Twitter. I told them the date we leave to go away and they put a case note on the application. From then on, we were home and dry.

Good luck to all.

Application history

Received – 15 July 2020

Passport printed and sent 3:04pm on 13 July 2020

Application approved 5:24pm on 10 July 2020

Application being processed 2:03pm on 6 July 2020

Documents received 3:20pm on 30 June 2020

Application received 3:17pm on 20 June 2020

Identity details received 3:16pm on 20 June 2020

Email sent to person confirming your identity 12:07pm on 20 June 2020

Ask someone to confirm your identity 10:35am on 20 June 2020

Application submitted 10:35am on 20 June 2020