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Foster Twelvetrees

A further quick update:

I logged into my DHL tracking page with the PEX no. yesterday and I noted that a second item has been added to the page with a different waybill No. (I assumed this is my supporting docs and old passport) about 10 hours later I get an email from DHL to confirm that is the case. Even though there is a 24 hour difference between the two packages entering the DHL network the estimated delivery date are both the same.

Another point to be aware of, DHL have confirmed to me once the package as left the UK DHL sorting hub one does not get another update until an arrival scan in the destination country, which I must say say is a little un-nerving. As when I sent my docs into HMPO in Liverpool with Fedex, it was tracked through thier entire network. I assume this is down to the contract HMPO has with DHL to cut costs, or is it the way DHL operate?

I hope this is all of use to overseas applicants.