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I wonder if anyone has any expereince with the process times once supporting documents such as a foreign passport for a child renewal is submitted.
I sentg my child applications and received in May 11th but could not send his foreign passport needed as we were due to go away in July and with all the reports of excessive waiting times, I was afraid that he owuldbe left with neither passport. As soon as we got back I sent his foreign passport special delivery day before the strike, Royal mail showed ytracking day of strike, 31st as ready to odelivery and has been stuck on that! AFter waitiing to talk to RM they said it has likley got to the passport office but there are several occassions when docouments are not signed for because of bulk delivery etc so I am trying to be positive and belive this.
It has now been 5 working days since it was received (hopefully) and we are going away agaon on the 24th October. I am so worried that my son will be witnoput his Britihs or foreign passport in time.
Funny thing, when we came back from Europe the border officer asked if he had settled status and I said he is britihs citizen and has a Dutch passport natuarlly as his father is Dutch. He has no evidence now of a British passport and so we joked he is stateless but no laughing matter, sorry for th elong post but does anyone know about foreign passport for renweals acting as a hindrance and will I get that back in time????