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    Photo was rejected, not a new one taken and submitted it on Monday. Application approved Wednesday, passport has delivered to me by Thursday lunchtime. An infuriating process for a long time, but very speedy once approved.


    My passport had been expired for more than 2 years and I needed a valid one so I could apply for provisonal license and apply for other things


    My passport had been expired for more than 2 years and I needed a valid one so I could apply for provisonal license and apply for other things

    I thought they will take 10 weeks or more but the service was extremely quick. Applied online was told that I needed to send old passport

    Let me give the timeline below

    Application submitted: 2nd August around 4 30pm
    Application received: 2nd August around 4 30pm

    However the passport was posted at the post office on Thursday afternoon around 4pm with special guaranteed delivery and it arrived at the P.O. Box around 9 30am and then the documents were received few hrs later

    It only took 3 days for them to receive documents because I sent it the day before so it’s very quick service

    Documents received: 5th august around 2pm

    5th august was Friday so have to bear in mind the weekend

    Application approved 17 Aug at around 1 20pm so basically within 12 days including weekends

    Passport printed 18 Aug at around 6am so they print it out very quickly after it’s approved

    Passport delivered around 10 30am on 19 August which is today

    The courier is TNT which I think they mostly use

    One thing to note is that you will probably be notified by text when your passport is on the way as I was notified a few hours before delivery once the passport is printed make sure to check your texts because you probably won’t receive any more updates from the passport website

    I am really happy with the service in total it took 17 days well 15 days because I sent it late

    This was the Bootle P.O. Box btw I think service is looking much better now


    I’ve just used the digital online service for a renewal of an adult passport, no complications, from start to finish seamnless, in total just over two weeks. It all went through Bootle.

    Application submitted 15th
    Printed on the 31st, delivered same day.

    Really efficient and smooth running service, there’s obviously some blips that slip thrpough the cracks but all in all, my experience was first class.

    Well done HMPO.


    I am on
    Application submitted 16th Aug
    Documents received 18th Aug

    When do I start getting worried…
    Flying Oct 8th

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    Had no idea the little ones passport expired in 5 months and we fly out on the 22nd.

    So far, I am on:

    Application received 8:38am on 31 August 2022
    Identity details received 8:37am on 31 August 2022
    Email sent to person confirming your identity 7:53pm on 30 August 2022
    Ask someone to confirm your identity 7:44pm on 30 August 2022
    Application submitted 7:44pm on 30 August 2022

    Did a signed next day delivery on Wednesday for the old passport and they received it on Friday but still haven’t updated the application history

    Might have to go to Liverpool 48hrs before the flight to get the passport if I haven’t got it by then.

    Will keep you all updated!


    I wonder if anyone has any expereince with the process times once supporting documents such as a foreign passport for a child renewal is submitted.
    I sentg my child applications and received in May 11th but could not send his foreign passport needed as we were due to go away in July and with all the reports of excessive waiting times, I was afraid that he owuldbe left with neither passport. As soon as we got back I sent his foreign passport special delivery day before the strike, Royal mail showed ytracking day of strike, 31st as ready to odelivery and has been stuck on that! AFter waitiing to talk to RM they said it has likley got to the passport office but there are several occassions when docouments are not signed for because of bulk delivery etc so I am trying to be positive and belive this.
    It has now been 5 working days since it was received (hopefully) and we are going away agaon on the 24th October. I am so worried that my son will be witnoput his Britihs or foreign passport in time.
    Funny thing, when we came back from Europe the border officer asked if he had settled status and I said he is britihs citizen and has a Dutch passport natuarlly as his father is Dutch. He has no evidence now of a British passport and so we joked he is stateless but no laughing matter, sorry for th elong post but does anyone know about foreign passport for renweals acting as a hindrance and will I get that back in time????

    Foster Twelvetrees


    There does appear positive signs of improvement from HMPO but it is still hit and miss with respect to overseas applications. My overseas adults renewal (which was bang average and straight forward) took 11 weeks and 1 day from the on-line application to having passport in hand. I know someone from the same region of the World who had a child’s renewal processed in 9 and half weeks from *docs recieved*, but they waited 5 weeks for that to appear on the HMPO’s tracker as docs recieved.

    I have I read it correctly that you have had an application in since May and only sent in the documentation recently? I assume you have arranged this with HMPO as with that length of time between events I’m surprised they have not withdrawn the application.

    Not that it helps you, or me come to that, but HMPO have been wrongly advising overseas applicants to return thier old British passport and/or thier third party passport back to Blighty. I had it confirmed (and others too) 3 times including by a HMPO officer, that colour photocopies would have sufficed – despite when I completed the process it clearly stated return the old passport.

    Hopefully you will have your renewal soon, I’m sure the passing of the school holidays now, will take some of the pressure off and speed the process up.


    Thanks Foster. I had a lot of spelling errors in my message 🙂

    Yes, it has been there since May and so in the end, I had to write a letter explaining in July that I couldn’t send in his foreign passport and I have not heard anything since, no witdrawal or confirmation.

    I am not applying from overseas , but in the UK as my son is a British citizen. I still haven’t heard from the passport office if they received that passport sent 31st August and that is what I am waiting on. I am so worried too in case it gets lost as he will be without any passport 🙁

    Unfotuntalrey , applying from the UK you need to send the original foreign passport but it is clear on their site that from overseas photocopies are fine. I wish I was overseas as I would have better confrimation from the overseas courioer than bloody Royal mail, sent special delivery 31 August and still stuck on ready for delivery! They said it has gone since it was bulk delivery who do you beleive??!!



    Application submitted 16th August
    Docs received 18th August
    Application approved 7th September
    Printed 8th September
    Received 9th September

    This was for a damaged passport replacement.


    I am waiting for my passport to be delivered today.
    Here is a timeline…

    Application submitted 8 September 2022
    Application recieved 8 September 2022
    Documents recieved 14 September 2022
    Application apprived 1 October 2022
    Passport printed 4 October 2022

    As of 11am on 4 October the passport is in transit via TNT due for delivery today between 8am and 8pm.

    This eas an adult renewal, my previous passport excpired in 2014 and they didnt require more information or any additional ID questions or conformation. Lucky for me as I travel on 23 November and had left it till 10 weeks prior to travel to apply!!! My luck could have been quite the opposite!!!


    Got my approval notification last night. They must work 24/7? I understand they are under a lot of pressure/stress like most public service at the moment.

    Application submitted 8:29am on 15 September 2022
    Application received 8:30am on 15 September 2022
    Posted on 15th September using a standard 1st class stamp – Luckily 5 minutes before the postman came
    Documents received 1:44pm on 20 September 2022
    Application approved 7:25pm on 4 October 2022
    Passport printed 3:53am on 5 October 2022

    Suspect it will be getting delivered tomorrow.

    Took exactly 2 weeks from docs received to docs approved. So I cant complain too much, but the process is a bit stressful. Especially for someone with anxiety problems. My suggestion to HMPO would be: add more statuses/updates to the tracker. Perhaps Docs received -> Application being processed -> Application approved. Just to give people that peace of mind that its actually in the queue and being looked at.

    I’m not really sure how the queue is handled seems odd that the user above me application was 1 week before mine yet mine was approved 3 days later? Seems to be a bit down to luck.

    It can also get a bit worrying when you go on the review pages and see people getting them back in a week.
    My best bet as to what’s happening is: if you take your own photo/selfie it takes longer to approve than the professional/photo booth ones where you get a code. My partner did a photobooth/code one and got it back in a week. I did it the selfie route and it took 3 weeks.


    Obviously did things the wrong way round but thankfully ultimately an easy enough process with a happy ending.

    As you (stupidly) do, we booked a holiday for December, in August 2022 without even thinking about passports. A few weeks later, September 2022, over breakfast, after a yawn and a cup of tea, decided to begin thinking about passports.

    My youngest did not yet have a passport, my eldest ran out in 5 months, and my Mrs needed renewing – only mine was good. No problem we thought, we’ve got plenty of time, way more than the 3 weeks it takes, but then anxiety kicked in after doing a bit of googling and reading all the articles, and forums like these re delays.

    Applications submitted: 9th September 2022
    Documents received: 16th September 2022
    2 Passports (Youngest + Mrs) approved 28th September 2022, arrived 29th September 2022.

    I got an email asking for extra information re my eldest, her birth certificate, this was not originally asked for, just her old passport BUT as I submitted the application as their father, they wanted either A. proof I was on the birth certificate or B. proof the mother approved this application. In my opinion, a bit stupid because I had also applied for the mother’s passport at the same time, and they had approved and posted a siblings passport BUT I get it, it’s one of the most important, sacred documents, they needed to double check.

    Posted eldest birth certificate: 30th September 2022
    Passport approved: 4th October 2022, arrived 5th October 2022.

    So 2x passports arrived in about 3 weeks, the other a week later, fresh passports all in hand, a whole load of worry over nothing, glad it turned out alright for us, hope it does for anybody else in the same situation. We await the return of old documents but can see them arriving by end of next week as things stand.

    Our neighbour did a similar thing, her and my mrs were talking about craving a holiday so I think they have one booked in now for January, she had however already got her youngest’s first passport earlier in the year, and it took 11 weeks. Perhaps the backlog is now cleared / things are much better now?

    Andy Anderson

    Type of Application:
    Adult Passport Renewal

    Passport Office:
    Liverpool (Bootle)

    Submission Date:

    Date Received:

    Overall Experience:
    5 Star – Very Easy

    Andy Anderson

    Type of Application:
    First Child Passport

    Passport Office:
    Liverpool (Bootle)

    Submission Date:

    Date Received:

    Overall Experience:
    4 Star – Easy

    Everything was quite quick but the asked me for an additional birth certificate before approving the application and they didn’t notify me when the passport was sent to the delivery company.

    10.12.2022 Received
    Passport printed 5:45am on 9 December 2022
    Application approved 1:32pm on 8 December 2022
    Documents received 9:56am on 7 December 2022
    Application received 3:14pm on 11 November 2022
    Identity details received 3:14pm on 11 November 2022
    Email sent to person confirming your identity 9:31am on 11 November 2022
    Ask someone to confirm your identity 11:42am on 10 November 2022
    Application submitted 11:42am on 10 November 2022

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