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Foster Twelvetrees


There does appear positive signs of improvement from HMPO but it is still hit and miss with respect to overseas applications. My overseas adults renewal (which was bang average and straight forward) took 11 weeks and 1 day from the on-line application to having passport in hand. I know someone from the same region of the World who had a child’s renewal processed in 9 and half weeks from *docs recieved*, but they waited 5 weeks for that to appear on the HMPO’s tracker as docs recieved.

I have I read it correctly that you have had an application in since May and only sent in the documentation recently? I assume you have arranged this with HMPO as with that length of time between events I’m surprised they have not withdrawn the application.

Not that it helps you, or me come to that, but HMPO have been wrongly advising overseas applicants to return thier old British passport and/or thier third party passport back to Blighty. I had it confirmed (and others too) 3 times including by a HMPO officer, that colour photocopies would have sufficed – despite when I completed the process it clearly stated return the old passport.

Hopefully you will have your renewal soon, I’m sure the passing of the school holidays now, will take some of the pressure off and speed the process up.