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Thanks Foster. I had a lot of spelling errors in my message 🙂

Yes, it has been there since May and so in the end, I had to write a letter explaining in July that I couldn’t send in his foreign passport and I have not heard anything since, no witdrawal or confirmation.

I am not applying from overseas , but in the UK as my son is a British citizen. I still haven’t heard from the passport office if they received that passport sent 31st August and that is what I am waiting on. I am so worried too in case it gets lost as he will be without any passport 🙁

Unfotuntalrey , applying from the UK you need to send the original foreign passport but it is clear on their site that from overseas photocopies are fine. I wish I was overseas as I would have better confrimation from the overseas courioer than bloody Royal mail, sent special delivery 31 August and still stuck on ready for delivery! They said it has gone since it was bulk delivery who do you beleive??!!