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Haha, word! I hear that. People be rioting in the streets during the Queen’s funeral procession!

I’ve read a few posts where people have been left dangling without enough legal ID. Especially people who send in their second passports to HMPO, leaving themselves with nothing! In Canada, you have to have a Canadian passport to get back into the country. Even if you have another valid passport – from the UK or anywhere else – they won’t even let you board your flight back without it! Canadian permanent residents must have a valid permanent residents’ card, or it’s the same deal – access denied! (I got screwed this way coming back from a funeral in Wales in 2017, when the feds first changed the law. I was stranded at Gatwick for 24 hours, not allowed to board the airplane with a UK passport and Canadian citizenship card as I had been for 25 years. But back then government would grant “special permission” over the internet for people who hadn’t heard about the change. They don’t do that anymore. My friend who was vacationing on a UK passport in the Dominican Republic this summer, lost his Canadian PR card and was stranded until he got it replaced – three months later!).