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Wow. Right at the 10 week mark I submitted an expedited request. Finally got a hold of someone who was very nice and required more documentation. Once I had that dialog going, things finally started to happen. After sending another $49 letter via USPS to them, it finally got approved. Now, waiting on DHL to deliver it. 5 months.

Passport printed 1:50pm on 27 September 2022
Application approved 8:01am on 27 September 2022
Documents received 2:31pm on 9 June 2022
Application received 11:47pm on 29 April 2022
Identity details received 11:47pm on 29 April 2022
Email sent to person confirming your identity 8:43pm on 29 April 2022
Ask someone to confirm your identity 8:38pm on 29 April 2022
Application submitted 8:38pm on 29 April 2022