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    Andy Anderson

    Post your completed passport application timeline here for Durham.


    Adult renewal. I will update when received. Holiday on July 14th, not hopeful, may have to pay to move dates (total cost £250)

    Application being processed 9:06am on 15 May 2020
    Documents received 1:22pm on 14 May 2020
    Application received 7:26pm on 11 May 2020
    Application submitted 7:25pm on 11 May 2020


    Very odd processing time from the Durham office as of this morning (but very impressed!). This is for an adult renewal:

    Application Approved: 10:49 28 May 2020
    Documents Received: 10:49 28 May 2020
    Application Received: 15:59 21 May 2020
    Application Submitted: 15:59 21 May 2020

    The note above it says that the passport is about to be printed. This definitely isn’t a usual timeline based on what I’ve seen on this forum. I have noticed that there was no “processing” step here, and I’m not convinced some overworked civil servant hasn’t pressed a wrong button.

    Interesting because I submitted another application to Durham on 18 May and am now on the “application being processed” step (another adult renewal).

    For now, I’m going to assume that they’ve just turned it around really quickly!


    Hello – Application received 8th May
    Old Passport + docs received 14th May
    Being Processed 20th May

    Have to leave Canada by 8 July, question has anyone applied for Emergency Docs, if so what happens if your passport is suddenly ready for commencing journey back to you in Canada and you are on way back to your country of residence (Mexico)? Seems GBP100 is a tad expensive!

    BTW Good luck everyone!!


    @CaboG , you could probably get the Emergency Travel Document at the High Commission in Ottawa or any of the consulates across Canada, and then call HMPO to have them change the delivery of your passport to you address in Mexico (I’m guessing Cabo, which is an amazing place).


    Hi, no the Embassies are not involved with this anymore, I have the link for emergency docs, but loath to pay GBP100 , think probably will have to apply by 20th June and yes I live in Cabo and it is a lovely part of the world, although postal/DHL are not so good down there, would prefer to receive my passport in B.C.! Many thanks for your response!!



    I sent 2 child renewals off on the 16th April. One to Durham and one to Peterborough.

    Durham timeline.

    Application Approved: 24th April 2020
    Documents Received: 22 April 2020
    Application Received: 16 April 2020
    Application Submitted: 16 April 2020


    Thank you, gives me hope, although for some reason child renewals seems to be quicker, I hope your Peterborough one comes soon.


    Passport renewal time (going from a child to an adult passport)

    Application sent: 14th April
    Old passport received at Durham: 22nd April
    Passport received: 19th May

    (Peterborough 13 days longer)


    Thank you!


    Hi Everyone,
    Looking at the above posts gives me a little hope!
    I have sent my passport for renewal to the Durham office, my current timeline is below;
    Application being processed 1 June 2020
    Documents received 1 June 2020
    Application received 18 May 2020
    Application submitted 18 May 2020

    I had to send my passport from Switzerland and now just crossing fingers and waiting!
    I will update when I have more news as I am hoping to move to Hong Kong with my family in late July!


    I’m in Belgium, my application was sent to the Durham office.

    Standard adult renewal:

    Passport received 02 June 2020
    Passport printed and sent 28 May 2020
    Application approved 28 May 2020
    Application being processed 27 April 2020
    Documents received 15 April 2020 (according to Passport Office system)
    Documents received 08 April 2020 (according to Belgian postal service)
    Application received 19 March 2020
    Application submitted 19 March 2020


    Two Child Renewals from Durham one renewal was First Adult Passport
    Application Recieved 22/04/2020
    Documents Recieved 29/04/2020
    Being Processed 1/05/2020
    Application Approved 28/05/2020 (am)
    Passport Printed and Sent 28/05/2020 (pm)
    Both came through Blue not Burgundy.


    Passport received 3:30pm on 10 June 2020
    Passport printed and sent 2:12pm on 8 June 2020
    Application approved 10:24am on 8 June 2020
    Documents received 1:48pm on 5 June 2020
    Application received 11:16am on 29 May 2020
    Application submitted 11:16am on 29 May 2020

    This was on online application using a photo I took myself. I was a little surprised that the application was assigned to Durham, as I’m in London. I notice it took a while for the old passport to be registered as received (I posted it recorded delivery an hour after completing the application but the status didn’t change for 7 days), however the overall process was much faster than I expected, 12 days total turnaround including weekends and all postage.

    For the record this was an adult renewal of a passport that expired at the end of last year. It was a non-urgent application, sent against the Covid-19 advice on the website because I have travel booked in September that may still go ahead (I was honest and selected ‘existing passport needs to be renewed’ as the reason for applying at this time rather than claim any urgency). My new passport is the new blue, non-EU design.


    Good Morning from B.C. Canada, I just received this email from Passport Office Gov.UK:
    “We are sorry that it is taking longer than usual to process your passport application due to Covid-19.
    Please bear with us. If we require any information from you before a passport can be issued, we will contact you”

    I will update as and when, my application was first acknowledged on 8th May, then confirmation being processed on 20th May, have to leave Canada on 8th July, so getting rather nervous!

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